Focusing his teaching on healing a woman with a bleeding issue from the Gospel of Mark 5: 21-36, Pastor Charmante Mafolo of Bread of Life Evangelical Center Bukavu places the cursor on God's time. When the time for God strikes in the life of a child of God, it is the blessing that follows. Hence the theme that she draws from this story, so rich in teaching, “to seize the Time of God!”.

Explaining Sunday to the people of God of Cef pain de Vie, the quintessence of this biblical passage, Pastor Charmante in clear language like rock water says this:

"In this gospel, there is mention of a woman who had had a blood issue for 12 years. By law she was unclean and had to remain in isolation in Leviticus 15: 19-33. She must have been anemic and weak. Marc gives us a little more detail on the condition of this woman.

She had suffered a lot
She had seen a lot of doctors
She was ruined
She was not relieved
His condition worsened with each visit.

She had heard of Jesus. We see her determination, she could have hid behind many excuses. There is a crowd and according to the law she must stay at home, she must not be in contact with others otherwise she could make them unclean. 

She is most certainly weak, and in too much pain. She may be disappointed again and it may get worse. She could stay in the crowd and maybe Jesus will touch her and she will be healed if it is God's will. 

No this woman silenced all her voices, her fears, her obstacles, her prohibitions and she approached Jesus, she touched the hem of his garment, according to the law she was making him unclean by doing that. His faith was greater than that. 

She touched the Word, took hold of the promises of God, remembering the promises, and caught hold of it, remembering that one of the promises was God the Lord who heals. Her faith rose above her fears, obstacles, pain, disappointments and she touched Jesus and was instantly healed. 

Jesus felt that a force had come out of Him. When we touch Jesus there is an exchange that takes place, we are not the same after that, His strength passes from him to us. The woman knew that something had happened, she was afraid and trembling and she came and fell at Jesus' feet. She declared in front of the crowd her condition and her reason for touching Jesus. 

She should have been happy, she was healed, but she was scared and trembling the encounter was so strong, her fears took over, she had dared to come out of isolation, mingle with the crowd and touch the pure she who was unclean. How he would react, and there she discovered another aspect of Jesus, not only the one who heals, but also the one who forgives, who loves him. 

Everything changed in her, a new life was opening up before her, a life of healing. In verse 34 Jesus said to her: "My daughter, your faith has saved you, go in peace and be healed of your illness. "Your faith has saved you: It has made you complete, whole, healed not only physically but in all aspects of your life," said Pastor Charmante Mafolo.

Just like this woman, she adds, we need to have determination, sometimes we face difficult situations in our lives, we need to look at the promises of God and lift ourselves up to Him. We must not stay in the crowd thinking if God wills He will touch me. 

No, it's up to us to touch it until an exchange takes place in our life. Let us break down all the barriers that want to prevent us from approaching and touching Him. Let us extend our hands to Him, until we know deep down that we have received that touch that we are waiting for. 

We feel dissatisfied in our life, emptied, in a state of weakness, this is the time not to bemoan ourselves but to seek it out and touch it; Do we want to do it, have that determination in us or we want to wait and hope that He touches us. 

We must approach Him, take His promises, proclaim them and not let go until we have had a personal encounter with Him. Then we'll be different, something will happen. “Maybe sometimes we tried to do like everyone else and nothing happened, the others were touched but not me, I may not be good enough for God to touch me, and we go into a circle. 

hellish guilt. But if we look at this woman nothing could be worse than impurity because she did not have the right to approach God, even less that He does not touch her, but she passed on and obtained what 'she wanted. God is waiting for us to touch him so He will touch us in return, the exchange will be certain, ”said the speaker of the day. 

In a nutshell, Pastor Charmante Mafolo Lelo clearly wants to tell the Children of God that when a season opens, the Child of God is responsible for his or her time control choices. He must therefore have enough intelligence and wisdom to manage it well in order to make the most of the best of the season.

It is important for every child of God to have wisdom to discern the times we are in, because the lives of men are influenced by the times and the seasons. When we read the Bible, we realize that it is God who controls the seasons, but they control the behavior of men. It is here that the servant of God repeats to the children of God that the concept of time is very important. Two concepts emerge: 

1- THE "CHRONOS" TIME It is time that regulates our daily life. It goes on and never stops, that's its hallmark! This is also seed time, where you have to invest and pray a lot, because what you do with the qualifying time will determine whether you win your season or not. In addition, the stopwatch time is managed, it is the time to be wise and make selections at all levels of your life, in all areas. God will capitalize on everything you have done in this “lap” time and He will reward you. 

So you should not waste it, but have a plan for each day of your life. “Know that if you don't pursue anything as a goal in life, if there is nothing that attracts you and keeps you moving, at some point you will stop moving forward, without even realizing it account; and if you don't go forward, you will necessarily go back! ”, she hammered.

2- THE "KAÏROS" TIME This is God's marked time, a window of opportunity that He opens in a man's life, suddenly, for a given moment! It is also the time of visitation when God decides, in His glory and in sovereign fashion, to descend into a man's life for a while. 

To this man to have an acute sensitivity to manage so that this visitation gives birth to all that God has intended for Him. “Finally, it's harvest time that can be aborted if you don't have the discernment to seize the opportunity that presents itself. 

Your attitude to Kairos weather is critical to the blessing you derive from it. Indeed, there is an attitude, a behavior that you must have as a Christian if you want what God said about you, to be! “, Insists the Pastor Charmante Mafolo before adding,“ for a child of God Knowing that a season is open is not enough, because God has His agenda and He expects us to have discernment of it as well. So if your knowledge of times and seasons is limited to natural things and therefore superficial then you will never be able to grasp the divine agenda! ” . 

So, how possessed the KAIROS time of God? To this question, the servant of God gives three keys to the children of God: Don't miss out on opportunities Overcome obstacles (for example, his state of health, the crowd, etc.) Faith (therefore open your ears to the word of God, release your faith and you will see his Glory). 

Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze 

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