the servant of God, Charmante Mafolo called to « the fear of God, you to whom grace was given ». A message that finds its foundation in the Holy Scriptures in the Gospel of Luke 1: 26-38. The servant of God reassured the faithful that God knows the problems of his people. « I would like to reassure you that you believed in a God who is capable of anything. Able to do, able to do everything; able to do things beyond our understanding, beyond our reasoning. He is the God capable of achieving things beyond even our dreams, ”reassures Pastor Charmante Mafolo. If you believe it, the birth of Jesus Christ ushers in the age of grace. « This is why we cannot live tomorrow with today’s pardon. Grace is the business of the present, « she argued, before adding » grace never comes to fill a void, but it comes to turn things upside down, « she said, before to add: “even if the grace of God cannot be bought, it is not asked, it is God who decides to whom he will give grace. Even if grace is based on principles, but there are still behaviors to adopt if we want to inspire God to give us grace. The grace of God is not claimed but we receive it; the grace of God never comes to fill a void but it comes to upset tidy lives, it comes to upset things in the lives of men. When there are no troubles, when there are no difficulties, grace has no reason to be. God’s grace is for the weak, the little, the fearful. As a Christian grace is lived in trials, difficulties ” Ultimately, she delivers three truths about the grace of the Lord to men.

1 ° The Grace of God is for those who fear him (Ps 25: 14a)

The fear of the Lord, in the biblical sense, is not the fear that drives man to flee and to hide like Adam after his fault; it is the feeling of the weak and miserable creature before the power, the majesty, the holiness of its Creator, feeling of a frightening disproportion at the same time as of a close dependence.

"The Lord thanks to those who have the spirit of sacrifice, to those who fear his name. This is why we say that the grace of God is for those who fear him. Ps 25:14 says The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him.

2 ° The Grace of God brings rejoicing

“When God gives you thanks, you will become a happy person. When God will give you thanks. When you find favor with God you become a worshiper. In the presence of God, we cannot push you to worship God for all that he does not stop doing for you ”, preaches the servant of God Charming Mafolo.

3 ° God's grace transforms (Acts 16:29)

Like Mary, the grace of God begins a life of transformation in the lives of those who are available to receive it. “When the grace of Divine touches you, you will not remain the same. When the Grace of God touches you, you will be transformed. Divine Grace transforms your inner and outer life ”.

The full message to follow this Thursday, July 16, 2020 on L’ ESSENTIEL RDC online radio at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Bukavu time, two hours less in universal time. To listen to live radio 24 hours a day, click here: You can also leave a comment on the L’ESSENTIEL Radio page: You can also consult the site or request the entirety of this teaching, so rich and deep in audio, from the communication services of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu, local church of the 37th Community of Assemblies of God of the Congo. C.E.F Pain de Vie Bukavu is an extension of Pain de Vie Kinshasa, which is an extension of La BORNE UPN church in Kinshasa. As a reminder, the Servant of God Charming Mafolo is the assistant pastor of the Apostle Raymond Mafolo Ngadi, responsible pastor and visionary of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu. Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze 
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