you have to get out of the bad environment ”. This call is both an exhortation and an inquiry for the people of God. An appeal launched three years ago, during two biblical seminars organized by the Bread of Life Church Bukavu under the themes "I will make your name big" and "a part, a right and a memory". Seminars led by Bukavu by Pastor Noëla Lumande of the Parole du Salut Church, based in Paris, France.

"We must get out," that is to say that Pastor Noela sums up his message, taken from two portions of the Holy Scriptures Genesis 12: 1-9 and Genesis 11: 27-32.

For the brief context, after the flood and the Tower of Babel, God announces through Abram a new beginning, a new page of history. In Genesis 11: 27-32, Terach and his family lived in Ur, an idolatrous city full of occult practices. The lesson from this biblical passage is that many people are stuck in their lives because of the bad environment.

"There are circles that can draw you down. The bad spiritual atmosphere of an environment can pollute your life and cause you to die. The problem is not being in an environment but understanding what the atmosphere is like in that environment, "he noted.

In Genesis 12, God tells Abram to come out of his midst. Yes, there are places where we have to go out. However, the main thing is not to go out to go out but to go out with God's instruction.

For your construction, follow this Tuesday, July 14, 2020, La Radio en ligne L’ESSENTIEL, at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., Bukavu time, two hours less in Universal Time. Here are the links of the radio ESSENTIAL: or go to the radio page:

You can ask all of this teaching, so rich and deep in audio, to the communication services of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu, local church of the 37th Community of Assemblies of God of the Congo. C.E.F Pain de Vie Bukavu is an extension of Pain de Vie Kinshasa, which is an extension of La BORNE UPN Church in Kinshasa.

As a reminder, the Apostle Raymond Mafolo Ngadi is the responsible and visionary pastor of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu. He is assisted by assistant pastor Charmante Mafolo. You can also visit

Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze
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