How did the heroes fall? ”, It is to answer this great question that the servant of God CHARMANTE MAFOLO, pastor of CEF Bread of Life Bukavu, gives a profound message to her contemporaries, born again.

A retrospective shows on the way to the Christian faith a considerable number of very many heroes who have fallen. The Servant of God quotes without being exhaustive a number of men of the Bible, however hero, fell into their own sin.

These include Abraham who, on the advice of his wife Sarai, took Agar, the Egyptian, his servant (Gen. 16: 1-20). There was also Samson who went to Gaza, where a prostitute named Delila lived there, and entered her house (Judges 16: 1-6; 16-17).

That's not all. David when the kings were campaigning, he sent Joab, with his servants and all Israel, to destroy the sons of Ammon and to besiege Rabba. But David stayed in Jerusalem. One evening David got up from his bed; and, as he was walking on the roof of the royal house, he perceived from there a woman who was bathing, and who was very beautiful in figure. David asked who this woman was, and they said to him, Is it not Bath Scheba, daughter of Eliam, wife of Uriah, the Hittite? And David sent people to look for her. She came to him, and he slept with her. After cleansing herself of her defilement, she returned to her house (2 Samuel 11: 1-4) ”.

“What a sadness, what a tragedy to see heroes fall, men or women with a future full of hope, endowed with gifts for the glory of God, to weaken and die spiritually because of sin”, points out with pinch in the heart, Pastor CHARMANTE MAFOLO, before adding: “if there is a call on your life, a divine plan and future, never forget that Satan will do everything to destroy your destiny. Like the apostle Peter, he wants to screen you like wheat. Do not take this warning lightly but watch and pray because the devil prowls looking for who to devour.
 The Servant of God calls modern day heroes, truly converted to CHRIST, to stay with a tender, open heart ready to be taught. “Ask God to reveal your imperfections to you; change and obey him. Have you sinned? Ask forgiveness: repent and move on! Have you made mistakes? Learn from your failures and pursue your destiny! Don't let the devil's poisoned arrows destroy you forever, ”she recommends. With this very profound message, the servant of God makes a vibrant call to repentance. "Often, what will disqualify you in life, much more than sin, will be your lack of repentance, this ability to admit your mistakes, your sin, to readjust yourself on the true path", she concluded. As a reminder, the servant of God CHARMANTE MAFOLO is the assistant pastor of the Apostle Raymond Mafolo, head and visionary of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu, local church of the 37th Community of the Assemblies of God of Congo. C.E.F Pain de Vie Bukavu is an extension of Pain de Vie Kinshasa, which is an extension of La BORNE UPN Church in Kinshasa. 
Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze 
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