In a strong message on the theme: « Christianity and power » taken from John 19: 1-11, the Apostle Raymond Mafolo values ​​constructive power like Joseph in Egypt (Gen 45: 1-15), Nehemiah and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. According to him, « the power that creates produces life, joy and peace. The power that creates restores the relationship and offers everyone the gift of fulfillment. The power that creates is a spiritual power ”.

Speaking more particularly to the children of God who exercises a plot of power at all levels, the Apostle Raymond Mafolo could not be more crystal clear in his language:

« You are the product of the elevation of God. What you are is God who allowed and wanted it. Exercise your power for the good of others at all levels. So where is the place of pride! « He exclaims. Conversely, the man of God castigates the destructive power that some children of God use in all areas of life.

« Considering the exercise of power and the abuses which result from it by those who call themselves children of God; when we see how they exercise their power, there is reason to doubt and believe that they are really children of God. We are wondering whether they really were born again, « laments the man of God.

He gives the example of the men of the Bible who illustrated themselves in destructive power in the image of Pharaoh, Herod, Saul. As a reminder, the Apostle Raymond Mafolo Ngadi is the responsible and visionary pastor of the Evangelical Francophone Center Pain de Vie Bukavu, local church of the 37th Community of the Assemblies of God of Congo. C.E.F Pain de Vie Bukavu is an extension of Pain de Vie Kinshasa, which is an extension of La BORNE UPN church in Kinshasa.

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