The Apostle Raymond Mafolo Ngadi urges Christians to give priority to prayer in order to face a number of problems that plague their minds. This is the essence of his message on the radio L'ESSENTIEL broadcasting in Bukavu streaming on

Each month, there is a theme for the Bread of Life Church Bukavu dear to the visionary Apostle Raymond Mafolo Ngadi. For this month of June the theme is taken from the book of Psalm 65: 2: "Oh you who listen to prayer. All men will come to you".

The man of God emphasized prayer, the means by which man turns his gaze to God. He addressed three essential points: the spiritual understanding of prayer, the importance of prayer and the elements of a productive prayer life.
Regarding the spiritual understanding of prayer, the Apostle mentioned three reasons. "It allows man to be in contact with his creator (Psalms 116, 1-2). Through prayer, our supplications and our ears are tilted towards God so that he can solve our problems. C 'is the instrument for praising and worshiping Him, for calling Him to the effectiveness of things that were far from the Lord. "

In view of the account of the Acts of the Apostles 9,32-33, prayer is a power that allows us to obtain everything. Pierre healed a paralyzed man who suffered for eight years. The prophet Samuel indicates that not to pray is a sin (1Samuel 12,23). To not use this instrument that the Lord has made available to men is to miss God's purpose.

Inspired by King David and the Prophet Isaiah who all resorted to prayer, the Apostle Raymond Mafolo argued that there are no other sophisticated and spiritual weapons apart from prayer. Thanks to her, the fortresses fell.

Prayer removes all the obstacles that harden the hearts of men.
The Apostle Raymond brandishes the example of the family of Zacharias and Elizabeth, whom he considers a textbook case. "Even if we serve the Lord, problems can happen to us, he emphasizes. But as a true Christian, God has upset the laws of nature, notably the advanced age and the sterility of Elisabeth who has, in extremis , gave birth to John. The impossibilities of believers turn into possibilities. "
Words gathered by Eugide Abalawi
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