The angel of the Bread of Life Church Bukavu, the apostle Raymond Mafolo, invited Christians to keep faith and hope in Jesus Christ. In his preaching on this Sunday, April 21, 2019, Easter day, he signified that Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday and he is the firstfruits of those who died. Victory will prevail over suffering, betrayal of which Christians are the victims. « Whatever suffering we endure, regardless of betrayal, jealousy and hatred, know that there is hope in your despair.

And for there to be a Sunday morning, you have to live the life of repentance, « preached Pastor Raymond Mafolo. He made it known that there is not a name above Jesus Christ and that it is the only name that saves. God put an end to the old creation by the cross of his son, in order to introduce, by the resurrection, a new creation in Christ.

He closed the door to this ancient kingdom of darkness, and brought those who believe in him into the kingdom of his beloved son. And the glory of those who believe in him rests on the fact that everything has been accomplished. « So if at the cross our old nature was crucified, why do we play and cuddle sins.

Do you not know that each time we voluntarily sin, it is as if we are still crucifying him on the cross. So let’s stop pleasing ourselves in adultery, lies, disobedience, hatred … « , he exhorted before adding » by the resurrection of our Lord, we have victory over sin, over death, on hell; the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a guarantee for us as stated in 1 Corinthians 15/20; the resurrection of J.C. acquits us of all accusations and all condemnations. May the Easter party not be simply the celebration of an event which took place two thousand years ago, but much more the possibility which is offered to us today to overcome evil and all the powers of death by faith in our victorious Lord Christ ”.

Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze

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