The Center Evangelique Francophone Pain de vie church in Bukavu closed the month of women on Monday, March 25, 2019 in its seat opposite the Provincial Assembly in the municipality of Ibanda. A month of women considered positive by Pastor Charmante Mafolo.

“I think the evaluation is positive compared to the lessons we have given. Here at our house at Bread of Life Bukavu Church, we organized a women's week. we have given teachings appropriate to women so that women can stand up. precisely in relation to our theme which relates to “having children a reward, but also a responsibility”, we have been lingering above all to say that the education of children is not only the business of mothers but also of dads “ said Pastor Charmante Mafolo.
On the occasion of the thief, the Christian women of Cef Pain de Vie Bukavu, proceeded to the exchange of gifts to end the International Women's Day in style. Judith Kahasha 
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