Christians in Bukavu and elsewhere have been called to undertake all activity by submitting it first to God so that he may go with them.

Call launched during the Ordinary Sunday Worship of Praise and Adoration on June 23, 2019, held at the Center Evangélique Francophone Pain de Vie Bukavu.

The speaker of the day drew his message from the Scriptures which say that "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was shapeless and empty… ”(Genesis 1: 1-2). From this passage, the visiting pastor Hervé drew the theme "the Initiator".
"The peculiarity of God is to start with shapeless and empty things to make sense of it. The peculiarity of our God is to start in the weak beginning to end in the strong ending. Your neighbor is a walking plan from God, it’s the answer to your prayers, it’s comfort, "he said. It is to put it in other words that it is God who initiates everything. Conversely, when man takes his own initiatives, it has negative consequences. This is an opportunity for the preacher to point out that many failures come from the fact that Christians do not submit their projects to God. According to him, Christians want to work on their own and on their own initiatives. 
“Pay attention to the activities you start without the Lord, to the initiatives taken without the Lord. Today Christians have a habit of putting things on the back of God, to call God where it did not start, to do business without the Lord and when it does not work we cry out for help Lord. God can only help the person he has put in this situation, "warned the preacher of the day. The Christians went home very edified by the depth of the message delivered by God through his humble servant, the visiting pastor Hervé, coming from the Cerv church, Evangelical Center for Resurrection and Life, based in Goma in the province of Nord- Kivu. The Worship of the day was conducted under the leadership of the apostle Raymond Mafolo, responsible pastor and visionary of the Cef Pain de Vie. He is assisted by Maman Charmante Mafolo, assistant pastor. Cef Pain de Vie is a local church of the 37th Community of the Assemblies of God of the Congo, CADC. 
Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze 
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