Apostle Raymond Mafolo calls Christians to three special days of prayer and fasting retreat starting next Wednesday, June 19, 2019, especially for families.

The Church of God dedicates these strong moments of fasting and prayer to all families in South Kivu to invoke the glory of the one who restores. Because the family, the basic cell of the Lord’s church, was seriously visited by the destroyer.

Moments to invoke the father of all the families of the world so that his power and his glory still restore tarnished homes where the division visited souls.

In those days, God’s people will implore the Lord to bend over with their loving fatherly hearts to repair the breaches. The man of God Raymond Mafolo also invites other Christians to join the Lord’s church in whatever way they see fit.

These three days are placed under the theme: ““ O you who listen to prayer! All men will come to you ”. Which theme finds its foundation in the book of Psalms 65: 3. Each fasting and prayer retreat day will take place in two stages. There will be the first service from 10hoo-13hoo and the second from 15hoo-18hoo.

The main speakers are: the apostle Raymond Mafolo, Pastor Charmante Mafolo, the brothers Gad Benishayi, Patsho Bongoy and Isaac Barishindi.

Cef Pain de Vie Bukavu, is a local church of the 37th Community of Assemblies of God of Congo, CADC. It is based in Bukavu on boulevard Patrice- Emery Lumumba, diagonally from the provincial assembly of South Kivu in La Botte.

The Pain de Vie Bukavu church is one of the extensions of the Cef Pain de Vie Kinshasa, which is also an extension of La Borne church in Kinshasa Upn. This church and its extensions of Bukavu and Loanda, are led by its visionary the Apostle Raymond Mafolo, assisted by Pastor Charmante Mafolo.

Eugide Abalawi Ndabelnze

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